Review Time

We Won’t Annoy You!

How many tormented souls out there are feeling the same way? I write this blog in a state of frustration and exhaustion.



Quite frankly, I am fed up with the constant barrage of marketing and retail “reach out” to me, the moment I purchase something online.  It starts, as soon as these companies have an email address and/or mobile phone number necessary for the completion of my purchase.


First, the automated requests to rate my retail experience via a review. Then come the surveys – how likely am I to recommend the products to family and
friends?  This is followed in quick succession with offers: more, additional, bigger, better; all for less. And because it is automated, it can be relentless. Despite GDPR law and protocols, very often it is difficult, if not near impossible, to unsubscribe, delist or get my contact details off their systems. And heavens knows, I try!


An example. A few months, ago I bought a household item online. Said widget arrived but notably after the arrival of the first review requests! The marketing push was so aggressive despite me trying to unsubscribe to anything and everything associated with the company. In the end, I obliged
and left a review.


Accompanied by weak 2 stars on Trustpilot, my review read: “While the product was excellent, I really resent the constant emails asking for reviews.  If I want to review a company, I will , with all fairness and courtesy, but please stop  nagging me!”


They wanted a review, so they got one, for the whole world to see  – forever. Suddenly, I got confirmation that I had been removed from their mailing list. No apology but job done.


But here’s the thing. As retailer, I regularly get unsolicited emails from companies encouraging me to buy expensive services that will automatically send out these digital review requests. Their blurb promises to boost my sales by increasing my company’s online footprint and encouraging positive customer awareness.


They just don’t get it, do they? Rest assured, if you buy anything from Southdown Duvets, we will never subject you to this sort of digital browbeating, bullying and passive aggression. We treat our customers with the courtesy, privacy and respect, that I would dearly love to experience as an online shopper.  

Jessica Cross