The Southdown Duvets' Wool Buying Scheme

Central to our business philosophy is ensuring Southdown sheep breeders get a premium price for their precious wool over and above the price they would get in the open market.

Apart from giving the Southdown breeders a better price for their wool, our buying programme also ensures full traceability, monitoring of animal husbandry and provenance of our product. This is one of the things that makes the Southdown duvet so special.

Contact us to find out how to join our buying programme by emailing [email protected]  or call us on 01935 508797 for more details.

Close up of hand and clippers shearing southdown sheep

"I was concerned about good animal husbandry and consideration of the environment in the production of this product. I felt reassured this is the case. Jessica presents as a caring and consientious person who takes great care in all aspects of this product" P.L.

Southdown Duvets' wool buying scheme - Authentic Traceable British Wool Official logo with shepherds crook symbol