Our Story

Our Story all started in late November 2010 in bucolic Hampshire. Feeling part apprehensive and part excitement, I watched the blue curtain trailer lumber up the hill towards Scotland Farm. That truck contained the first 70 Southdown duvets and little did I appreciate how auspicious that delivery would turn out to be.


When I opened the boxes, I recall thinking: if these duvets are not perfect, I am going to have my work cut out trying to sell them.

Since that first delivery in 2010, we have helped literally thousands of people resolve their sleep issues and have provided them with the means to benefit from greatly improved quality and quantity of restorative sleep. And it is all a result of the unique properties of Southdown wool which is the world’s perfect fleece for bedding.


On reflection, who would have thought that our wool duvets would also exhibit fine eco-credentials in a world increasingly aware of the environmental damage aggravated by synthetic fibres? Furthermore, a decade ago, we clearly underestimated the unique hypoallergenic and flame-retardant qualities of our bedding. If I had known all this, perhaps I would have felt less anxious when opening those first boxes.


Southdown Duvets is now a widely known and highly respected brand associated with not only premium products but also accommodating, personalised and attentive customer service.


In a sense, Southdown Duvets has been a victim on its own success. The company has reached the stage where sales now equal or exceed the amount of Southdown wool we can acquire annually. This is because there are only about 3,000 Southdown sheep in the whole of the UK. We always knew this day would come and viewed the looming situation as a good problem to have. 


Years ago we began formulating a solution.  By late 2023, we were ready to launch The Southdown duvet’s sister product, The Shepton. With careful blending of Southdown wool with related wool exhibiting similar grade and texture, we can now offer our customers a choice of brand, The Southdown or The Shepton.  While there are differences in the two products, we have not compromised on the attention to detail with respect to the processing of the wool, the manufacturing or quality of the bedding. What we can now offer is a wider choice, with greater availability and accommodating all budgets.


Overall,  we strongly advise that if you want one of our limited number of Southdown duvets, you contact us and pre-order because, on an annual basis, once they are gone, they are gone. Alternatively, treat yourself to a lovely Shepton.


Our story continues!