two bright green tennis balls on black background

Sir Andy Wins In Wool

Saturday 26 June saw British newspapers featuring Sir Andy Murray posing in a Wimbledon tennis outfit geared to addressing climate change. Avoiding synthetic fibres, this Titan of the tennis courts had recognised not only need for sustainable kit but additionally for him, the need to be as comfortable on the court as possible. So he has been wearing sports clothing made from Merino wool and his rationale is very sound indeed.

It has long been proven that wool absorbed moisture like no other fibre and what better pedigree for the endurance sporting world? So much so that the Merino outfit could allow players on any of the Wimbledon courts to play an entire match without having to change clothes.

According to manufacturers of Murray’s outfit “no other fibre can match all of its natural benefits with the exceptional breathability, thermoregulation and supreme softness next the skin, helping players keep cool and comfortable on court,” Castore quoted in the Daily Telegraph 26 June pg 3. I have quoted this here because I have been saying this myself for years and it is marvellous to hear it coming from others.

The thing is we need all the Andy Murrays of the sporting world and their sponsors to start shouting this from the roof tops so that all their fans are made aware of the sustainability and eco-credential of wool. Only when customers are made aware of the ecological imperative of what they wear will we begin winning the climate war against nasty synthetics. Hence our recent initiative WARM TO WOOL, a growing collection of creators of fantastic wool products that literally will not cost the earth. Worth a visit: www.southdownduvets/warmtowool.

Jessica Cross