Combat Night Sweats

Night sweats are probably the number one cause of disrupted sleep and can bother all sorts of people at different stages of their lives.
Some women may never have problems until they go through the menopause during which severe night sweats can result in discomfort and exhausting restlessness. Synthetic filled and feather/down duvets can only serve to make this problem worse. While wool duvets will not stop the physical process of the menopause, they will greatly reduce the symptoms, allowing you a markedly improved night’s sleep.

As one of our customers said: “This is a great product. My wife had been having hot sweats at night, waking up in discomfort. We were using a high-quality goose down duvet. We then started using one of Southdown Duvets’ lambswool duvets and hey presto, no more night sweats and a perfect night’s rest for both of us”.   This page explains in more detail why but its not just ladies of a certain age who can be affected. Anyone, but especially men carrying a couple of kilos too much weight can also be plagued by the problem and often when one sleeping partner is disturbed at night, so is the other, making it a more wide spread concern.

Night sweats can bother all sorts of people at different stages of their lives. Many children too seem to sweat a lot at night giving rise to broken sleep and fatigue and all the behavioural and emotional problems associated with lack of decent night’s sleep. Does this sound familiar? You, or a member of your family, settle down and go to sleep. After a couple of hours, you wake overly hot and feeling clammy and sweaty. You chuck the duvet off to cool down but within minutes you feel cold so you grab the duvet back and settle down again – only in a matter of hours to wake feeing hot and sweaty again and so a cycle of disturbed sleep is established.

In the morning, quite understandably, you feel dog tired. Wool and wool duvets cannot prevent night sweats – our sheep are clever but not that clever. What our products can do, however, is reduce the discomfort of night sweats and therefore the associated sleep disturbance.

This is how: Wool wicks moisture away from your body from where it just evaporates through the duvet. Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture so it works all night long – doing what it does best, keeping you warm but dry.

Feathers and down cannot wick moisture in this way – these fibres evolved to repel moisture away from them (ducks rely on the waterproofing that their feathers provide otherwise they would go down like the Titanic) so under feathers your sweat gets trapped between you and the duvet. That’s what wakes you in a hot and clammy state of discomfort.

Synthetic duvet filling are only likely to worsen the symptoms of night sweats. Many of our customers say that sleeping under a wool duvet for the first time is a revelation. Others take a little while before they begin to feel the benefits but the consensus is unanimous – there is no going back to other bedding. We send our duvets out in nice carrier bags and increasingly our customers are using these bags as they travel with their duvets, no longer prepared to sleep under anything else. Call us if you want to chat more about this – we spend a lot of time talking to customers, its part of the personal service and we will do everything in our power to resolve sleep issues and improve the quality of your rest.

Jessica Cross