Skeins of coloured wool

Wonderful Wool

Throughout much of October, we have been participating in a national campaign highlighting the eco-credentials, beauty and benefits of wool.

Increasingly, the emphasis is now on why wool is the perfect answer to the scree of synthetic materials, in an array of end uses, that are literally costing the earth.

Our contribution to the wool week awareness drive, has been the publication of our wool cheque book, a collection of fantastic woolly products from like-minded British crafts people in which we offer the world an inspired collation of unique wool-based products. In our cheque book we note the following:

*Compared to synthetic fibres which shed harmful micro-plastics, wool has strong eco-friendly credentials


*It “wicks” which means it will help regulate the micro-climate around your body

*Wool is a good insulator

*Wool is hypo-allergenic – it will help reduce problems associated with skin irritations and breathing problems

*Wool is safe because it is a natural flame retardant. It won’t ignite easily and does not spread flames as synthetics do

*Wool is sustainable and it is obtained without cruelty unlike down and feather duvet fillings. The annual shearing is a vital part of appropriate animal husbandry and caring properly for the sheep.

*Wool is durable. Wool fibres resist tearing and are much hardier than other fibres

*It is also bio-degradable and will compost down naturally

*Wool is versatile and wonderful

So actually I realise we have been asking and answering the wrong question. It’s not why wool? More pertinently the question is: why not wool?

And if you would like to join us in celebrating the joy and wisdom of wool and cuddle up to our woolly offers tucked away in the wool cheque book, drop us a line and we will send you a copy.

Jessica Cross