Warm to wool

Around The Building

Refurbishing, or building a new home? Here are some woolly, green alternatives.

Around the building - acoustic wool panels

The Woolly Shepherd Acoustics

Woolly Shepherd Ltd are a UK based, acoustic panel manufacturer. They supply sustainable acoustic solutions and panels from natural fibres. Probably best known for their acoustic clouds, with hundreds of installations around the UK. Their unique range enhances your environment, reducing background noise and improving speech intelligibility, thereby creating a less stressful and more productive space.

Around The Building - sheep wool insulation

Sheep Wool Insulation

SheepWool Insulation – a family run business, based in Ireland, have been wool merchants for over 150 years. Loving wool and understanding the importance of using just 100% pure wool, they have designed a range of  Insulation and Acoustic underlay products,  All made using 100% pure wool ONLY. No polyester / no binders, just 100% pure wool and full Ionic protect, which is a patented certified wool protection  (insect / pest resistant ) and of course, is chemical free, therefore this range is 100% pure, natural and breathable.

Using ONLY 100% Pure wool products ensures that you have a ‘healthy’, ‘breathable’ material in your home. Healthy for the building as it can absorb and release moisture as it breathes, and healthy for those living in it, as it can engage in air purification – removing nasty VOC’s from the building, creating a clean air environment.  Safe to handle and easy to install, SheepWool Insualtion is  available direct from our website, our through our network of UK dealers. So whether you want to insulate, your attic, your floors, walls, or sloping ceilings, or you simply want an acoustic underlay, – our range of 100% pure wool products are the long term solution, SheepWool Insulation – ‘healthy insulation can naturally do more’. Go to

Around the Home Wool Carpets

Wools Of Cumbria Carpets

Proud to be producing British Wool Breed Carpets in Britain

We make beautiful 100% wool carpets from the rare and distinctive sheep found on the Cumbrian fells. We closely monitor every single process from purchasing the fleece through to fitting the final carpet in your home.

Our carpets are hard wearing, soft underfoot and will continue to delight for many years.

Around the home Chimney sheep

Chimney Sheep

We are Chimney Sheep! In 2012, we started out selling our Chimney Sheep chimney draught excluder made of Herdwick wool. Today, our ‘Sheep’ are sold all over the world and are still our best-selling product. Over the years, alongside our wonderful Chimney Sheep, we have worked to curate our own range of household and garden items that are both practical and effective. Where possible our products are made from recycled, sustainable or natural materials such as wool. Our shop has everything from draught excluders to insulation, laundry products to natural gardening items and we always have our thinking caps on as to what we can add next.