Sir Andy Wins In Wool

Saturday 26 June saw British newspapers featuring Sir Andy Murray posing in a Wimbledon tennis outfit geared to addressing climate change. Avoiding synthetic fibres, this Titan of the tennis courts had recognised not only need for sustainable kit but additionally for him, the need to be as comfortable on the court as possible. So he has… Continue reading Sir Andy Wins In Wool

Wonderful Wool

Throughout much of October, we have been participating in a national campaign highlighting the eco-credentials, beauty and benefits of wool. Increasingly, the emphasis is now on why wool is the perfect answer to the scree of synthetic materials, in an array of end uses, that are literally costing the earth. Our contribution to the wool… Continue reading Wonderful Wool

Wool Carpet News 

NZ Carpet maker Cavalier is ditching synthetics in favour of wool and other natural fibres. The NZ listed company recently unveiled a new transformational strategy, saying it would transition away from the manufacture and supply of synthetic fibre carpets over the next 12 months and existing synthetic stocks would be sold down. The company says… Continue reading Wool Carpet News