Sponsoring The Sheep Dance

Southdown Duvets is a licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board. In that context, we have achieved something noteworthy in that, to my knowledge we are the first and only British Wool licensee holder to actively support the country’s sheep shearing community. I am delighted to report that we are sponsoring Katie, a young shearer/farmer.… Continue reading Sponsoring The Sheep Dance

The Surreal Life With Southdowns

Farming has taught me a valuable lesson. During the 12 years of running my own company in London, I was in total control of everything to do with its brief which was commodities research. From time and project management, payroll and HR, copy and print deadlines, financial planning, cash flow and budgets I had a… Continue reading The Surreal Life With Southdowns

The Farming Way Of Life

This year is the first in a decade that I will not be lambing my flock. I am just getting too old and lambing is a physically very demanding process. When I was 50, injuries healed fast and I recovered swiftly from a month of little or disrupted sleep. At over 60, not so much.… Continue reading The Farming Way Of Life

The Season: A Farmer’s Perspective

As a farmer, I am frequently asked which is my favourite season? My first response is autumn. I love the mellow settled weather that descends and the soft, dappled, golden light that seeps through the yellow and red of the trees. I feel comforted knowing when the hay is safely stacked in the barn and… Continue reading The Season: A Farmer’s Perspective

Lambing Southdown Ewes

Every year there is one ewe, one story that kind of sums up lambing. This year, it was Proto who was expecting twins. Her first lamb was huge and head first, requiring immediate intervention. Proto stayed down while I got the lamb’s legs correctly forward and helped her with the delivery of her stonking great… Continue reading Lambing Southdown Ewes