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Since Brexit, Sterling has weakened against the Euro thus increasing our manufacturing costs. We will hold our prices to you while current stocks last but strongly recommend you don't delay ordering since next stock order will have to come with a price increase. Sorry, it cannot be helped.

Southdown Duvets

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There's nothing more important than a good night's rest...
And now you can get that rest in a much more eco-friendly, healthy way, thanks to our pure Southdown wool duvets. Find out more...
Totally natural
a southdown sheep
We produce the finest quality wool duvets, with nothing artificial. Our duvets have no formaldehydes or PCPs, both of which are widely used in mass-marketed duvets and which can produce allergic reactions.
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A safe product
a southdown duvet
Wool is safe because it is a natural flame retardant. It won’t ignite easily and does not spread flames as synthetics do. Our duvets are Bureau Veritas certified 100% flame retardant.
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Totally natural
a southdown lamp
More than 70% of the down used in feather-filled duvets marketed globally derives from China – where animal welfare considerations are a low priority. We will say no more.
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